This is the list of the folks that we know of who are planning to come.  We'd love to see you added to the roster.
Guest RSVP'd Purchased Tickets
David Guion
Terry Kreidler
Tom Claflin
Karl Lowell
Pam Cline (Krebs)
Dave Dewitt
Dennis Kratzer
Charlene Shaner (Canfield)
Larry Turner
Candy Jimison (Bensch)
Thomas Rothe
William Swigart
Jane Nelson (Swigart)
Tom Hoane
Susan Baker (Hoane)
Beth Noe (June)
Gail Michel (Johnson)
Don Allan
Pam Rybak
Penny Klier {eckelbarger}
Christine Claflin
Kathy Cheek-milby
Darlene Schriner
Don Organ
Pat Hedges (Cristen)
Douglas Pope
Roy (Dave ) Dewitt
Scott Shaw
Total 19 27