That's Right!
It Happened!
And as promised, the  Classes of '66,'67 and '68   had a Reunion !!  
Ron June ('68)  arranged for us all to be able to get together at Stone Ridge Golf Club  Friday October 20, 2023.    Speaking for Everyone there,   :)   , 
we all had a Great time rekindling relationships with old friends and actually getting to know New friends with a common past.  Ron     June spoke elequently and then passed the mic to everyone with the courage to tell a story of their halcyon days at our beloved (or not) BGHS and it's maybe wonderful, maybe quirky teachers and staff!  The stories, possible burnished and embellished as years have passed, were great!
Very Fun!
A new spot for pictures has been created for pictures taken, though unfortunately not many were. See left.    

So, did you need your Reading Glasses for that?  :)





Have news?
Let me know at
Tom & Susie Hoane at

I'll start with one tidbit:

 This is a photo taken just after Mike Cheek's mother, Mabel's passing on 2-22-19 

Mark Sheffer  Mike Cheek  Tom Claflin
Mark Sheffer Mike Cheek Tom Claflin
Florida Winter News

From Beth Noe

Dinners with Friends
all doing well!

Beth Noe June Ron June Susie Baker Hoane Tom Hoane Karl Lowell
Beth Noe June Ron June Susie Baker Hoane Tom Hoane Karl Lowell
Ron June Beth Noe June Harriet Mills Sockrider Steve Sockrider
Ron June Beth Noe June Harriet Mills Sockrider Steve Sockrider


Bonnie Querin, Harriett Sockrider, Kathy Adams Rahrig, Susie Baker Hoane, Susie Wolfe, Beth Noe June,Louise Jackson, Steve Sockrider, David Guion, Bob Bortel, Jane Spiess Williams,Tom Hoane, Tom Claflin and Terry Kreidler
Bonnie Querin, Harriett Sockrider, Kathy Adams Rahrig, Susie Baker Hoane, Susie Wolfe, Beth Noe June,Louise Jackson, Steve Sockrider, David Guion, Bob Bortel, Jane Spiess Williams,Tom Hoane, Tom Claflin and Terry Kreidler


The 70th Birthday Bash, also known as our 52nd Reunion
was held, as planned in BG this past weekend, Oct 5-7.
A few of us attended the football game Friday night with members of the 50th Reunion Class of 68.
(a come from behind 
Bobcat Victory!)
The followling day a delicious luncheon buffet allowed a small, but fun group of us to renew the old friendships!
In the evening a few crashed the 68 Party, and Sunday morning at the City Park we bid each other farewell, til next time!




The Birthday Bash 
Fast Approaches!

Pictured are Bob and Kathy Adams Rahrig, Beth Noe June, Tom Hoane, Ron June and Susie Baker Hoane on their recent trip Out West.
They want once again to remind you of the Class get together October 5-7, especially the Saturday lunch at Sam B's in BG!

Still time to commit!   Are you coming?   For $20 you will get…

choice of two entrees, salad, iced tea, coffee,

(cash bar available), dessert and the

pleasure of the company of a bunch of interesting 70 year

olds, some of whom you may still even remember fondly!

 Starts at noon, home before dark (4PM)    ;)  

Please Join Us!

Contact:   tnshoane@hotmail.com




Birthday Bash Update

The latest on the upcoming get together lunch on October 5th is that it will indeed be requested that everyone just have $20 per person to be paid to Tom Hoane at the event, in cash if you please.  Tom insists he will embezzle only a minimal amount.   :)



No, we're Not having it Here!
No, we're Not having it Here!

Birthday Bash!

Just a reminder about the 52nd Reunion, also known as the Birthday Bash (70th) that our Class is having in conjunction with the Class of 68's Fiftieth Reunion the weekend of the 5th and 6th of October, 2018!
The main event for us is the lunch, on Saturday, from 12 to 4 at Sam B's in 
Bowling Green.  That's the old Kaufman's downtown!
Cost is only about twenty bucks to see all our vintage, smiling faces!
More details to follow.




Florida Meetup

A few of us 66ers were able to get together for a Sunday dinner again this year on March, 4th in Sarasota and it was wonderful to touch base again with each other.  So good to see each other and wish the rest of the class could have joined us!

In attendance were:  Ron June ('68), Beth Noe June, Annie Robinson Herron, Mike Cheek, Karl Lowell, Tom Hoane, Susie Baker Hoane, Harriett Mills Sockrider and Steve Sockrider.

                Same time last year.
                  Same time this year!
                    Same time next year?


New Baby Pictures 
Page has been

Feel free to check out our chubby
adorable selves
back in the Day!


Preliminary planning has begun for our 70th Birthday Party (or our 52nd Reunion) which will coincide with the Class of '68's  50th                 Oct 5-7, 2018
Anyone with thoughts or ideas is more than                                         encouraged to throw that input into the ring.                                             Initial thinking is to get together that Saturday                                    afternoon for our main gathering, with                  potentials similar to last year for Friday night and                       Sunday morning.
Not too early to save the dates and book hotel                                    rooms, cancellable, if you're in the                                                  "no buying of green bananas"                                                      mindset of  "Who knows how I'll be feeling by                     Then!...     


Holiday Update

For anyone who missed the news, these are the                    new sousaphone covers that the band purchased                             with the money gathered at our 50th Reunion as a                        class donation to BGHS
And we don't want to miss the chance to wish everyone                      the most magical of holiday seasons                                                    with family and loved ones. 

Then on to a Happy New Year!
Go 66ers!


Tom Claflin runs the Boston Marathon
on Patriots' Day 2017! 
Not his first time at Boston, but his first
run as a spry 69 year old. Kudos to Tom
for a race well run! He is not just our
web and video master, but an accomplished
runner as well. BGHS Class of 1966 says...
Congratulations Mouse!!

Check out A few new photos from the recent
Florida get together in the
Photo Albums tab under
50 1/2th Reunion


Today's The Day!

Some of us are Meeting Up
For A Mini Florida
We'll Post Some Pictures Soon!


Carpe Diem

Still time to think about joining us for the mini Florida Reunion March 11th at noon
Will you kick yourself for missing the chance?

Live IN the Moment
Live FOR the Past


Florida Sunshine Winter Mini Reunion

It's Official!

March 11th (a Saturday) at high noon is the date and
time and Lee Roy Selman's restaurant in Sarasota, FL is the
for the
BGHS Class of 66
 get together this winter.
Ten of us are set to come so far and we hope
that you can join us too.
A link to the restaurant's website is here:


Hope to see YOU there!


Winter News Flash
Announcing...BGHS Class of 66 Mini Reunion in Sarasota, Florida  
March 2017

Tom and Susie Baker Hoane, Annie Robinson Herron and Beth Noe June will be together March 9-12 on Siesta Key.  We would love to have the company of fellow classmates for lunch at a time and place
(a restaurant on Rte 41) TBD.  We just need to know if you can join us and which day-- Thursday 3/9, Friday 3/10, or Saturday 3/11 works best for you.  Permanent residents, snowbirds and passers-by are all welcome!  
Please contact Tom or Susie ... tnshoane@hotmail.com 
or Beth---eajune48@gmail.com
We hope to hear from you!!


Class Gift !
Between a bit of money left after the Reunion bills were paid and the money thrown into the hat AT the Reunion, we felt we had $800 to contribute as a class to BGHS.  The end result of much consideration is that the band is planning to purchase covers for their Sousaphones with something like a Bobcat logo on them that they can use for games and parades and concerts--something they've wanted for some time, but lacked funding.  So, thanks everyone who contributed and pictures will be posted when we have them.


So, as things stand, after the great time that we just had at our 50th, we're gonna plan on seeing if we can get back together again in TWO years.  Some of us have spouses and/or siblings who graduated in the class of 68, including Beth Noe (Ron) June.  Since they're planning their 50th (Ron the foremost and Principal Commander of their organizing commitee) for October 6, 2018, we hope to piggyback on their get-to-gather weekend and celebrate our 52nd reunion and for most of us, the 70th anniversary of our arrival on the planet.  
So this is a two year "save the date" post.  More to come.  I hope you can join us!! 

Additional info:
Barb Shrider, who fell and broke her arm at the picnic on Reunion weekend is on the mend, but I'm sure would appreciate good thoughts, white light and good wishes.  Keep healing, Barb.
A few more pictures from Sunday in The City Park

Click On Photo Albums At Left and down to 50th Reunion
Some new pictures.  Please add more or email them to me at tomclaflin@gmail.com

By Request, the Video

shown at the Reunion
can be viewed (the first fifteen minutes) or downloaded to your hard drive to watch the entire thing

 EnJoy,   TC


Also a few pictures added in a 50th Reunion Photo Album--Please add more!

Terrific re-union of old 66 friends, last night.  Awesome, everyone!!
Last Night's Game Muddy Bobcats 20 Filthy Northview 7  Some tough 66ers went to the game last night and met up with a few wimpier ones after.  Great time.  Drier fun come tonight!




Need a Volunteer to do something about the Weather (see below) 




Friday - BGHS football game

Those wanting to walk in with the band - meet in front of the HS gym doors at 6:15

Otherwise, the game starts at 7:00


Those that requested Bobcat T-shirts can pick them up from Bethany at the Spirit Shop/Shed by the football field. The shirts to be tossed will be put in a bag for half time.

Seats will be reserved (we think... band director indicated he would have parents take care of it) just to the right of the Press Box near the Band.

After the game, instead of the game or whenever you want to leave the game, I have alerted Al-Mar Lanes that we might stop by for a while, before heading to our accommodations. Four alleys have been reserved for anyone who really wants to bowl.


Saturday - Reunion

Three golfers have a tee time of 9:30 AM at the BG Country Club.

We let Al-Mar know that some people might stop in for lunch and conversations, or choose another venue. BGSU has homecoming that day and some places could be very busy. 

Reunion opens at 6:00 PM and goes to 11:00 PM. Dinner will be set up between 6:30 and 7:00. You won't want to miss the terrific Reunion videos that Tom Claflin has created. Open bar throughout the evening.


Sunday - Picnic in the Park

We have reserved Needle Hall (big building with walls, in case of rain) from 11:30 to 3:00.

Bring your own lunch/snack, drinks, tableware, etc. Sorry NO ALCOHOL ALLOWED!

Anyone can attend, including those that were not able to attend the Saturday event. Just a chance for additional conversations with classmates.


Panera has a boxed lunch (just an idea) that can be pre-ordered and picked up. https://cater.panerabread.com/catering-webapp/explore

Prices are around $9-$10. Phone 419-352-7100.

Otherwise you can bring whatever you want. Did we mention NO ALCOHOL.


The Reunion Committee

More Days

OK, packing has commenced

From:   Dave Dewitt
E-mail:   Rd_dewitt@yahoo.comd
Date:   Monday, September 26, 2016
I am packin !  

Have You Bought New Clothes?

Shoes, Earrings?  Not you, guys.......
Well, who knows these days
Bling it on

Song of The Day



FiveMoreDaysTilWeStartGettingToGather ForTheReunion
Hopefully everyone got Terry's recent email with the Hoanes' detailed description of the weekend's activities.  I'll post it here again Thursday.
OK, now this is homework, not easy work, but please post any tributes(memorials) of our classmates who have passed away too early here on the site.  Please share any recollections that you might have.  No one's judging your writing, this is pure emotional stuff. 

Tune For The Day

Anyone else Still have dreams about heading to school with NO homework
done and can't even remember where              the classroom was?


Tune For Tuesday
I Know, not from our High School Years
But She's Soooooo Good!

Here Comes the Reunion
Get your Heinz ends to BG and Catchup


FYI- Many new Pictures and Memorial Tributes have been added in the past few days, if you haven't taken a look lately.

If I were giving a young man advice as to how he might succeed in life, I would say to him, pick out a good father and mother and begin life in Ohio.

                                                                                                                                                                              Wilbur Wright

Only days left now.  It's really gonna happen.  Time for even the procrastinators among us to be signing up.  Come join the fun.

I know, it's a little sappy, but..........................,................  So what are some of the reasons nobody forgets their high school years?
-This was the place I grew up                                                                         
-This is my spiritual home                                                               
-This is the land of endless sky                                                                                            
-This is the place where I was safe                                                                  
-This is the ground where the seeds of later life were sown.                            
-These were the people who were the anvils upon which I forged who I was and what I would become                                                                         
-These people were the caring teachers of all the really important lessons of living life                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


So the date is closing in on us now, and lo and behold you're still more or less ambulatory, the incontinence is under control and it's only a matter of will determining if you join us us for the Reunion.  Buy your ticket and come giggle and sigh a little at where we all are now with life..  It'll be sobering...... but we'll buy you a drink.    Come!...... you'll be glad you did.

Laughter, tears, joy and sorrow.    Disapointments, tragedies and successes.  It's all part of life.  Share.  Come celebrate our lives, both separate and together.  Get your tickets for the Reunion, if you haven't already.                        
      Satisfaction Guaranteed.

I would nevva, evva tink of treatenin anyone, ya know, but since some a yous seem to need a little extra "persuasion", I tink dat you should really want to be plannin on attendin dis Reunion ting, lest any errant hahm should come ta yous, capice?

         Hey, I'm talkin'a you!


    Dat's right, we have ta do a little bidnuss in yaw vicinity dis next week and we could, an I'm just sayin could, pay yous a little call, ya know, to like "encourage" yous ta come ta dis here reunion.  Seems to mean a lot ta some of owah mutual friends.


A couple of '66 reunion dudes go into Howard's the day before the reunion and sit down across from a couple of old geezers drinking beer.  One sez to the other, pointing at the geezers, "There, my friend, is you and me in another ten years."       The other 66er pauses, looks at him with a pained expresssion and sez, "You moron, that IS us, that's a MIRROR."

      Time to sign up for the Reunion!
A lady with a clipboard stopped me in the street the other day. She said: "Can you spare a few minutes for cancer research?" I said: "All right, but we won't get much done".                                  Budda, Bing!

I don't mean to brag, but I just finished my 14 day diet in                            3 hours and 20 minutes.

Seeing the light, you realize that attending our 50th Reunion is one of the best decisions you've ever made. When you are ready to commit, hopefully soon, return this form with your $55 per person check for the dinner to:

                      Tom Hoane
                      838 Lake Artesia Lane
                      Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526


How many programmers does it take to change a lightbulb?

Sorry, that's a hardware problem.
A friend of mine was sitting in the waiting room at an Urgent Care  waiting for a doctor to sew up a gash on her arm and saw the name on the diploma on the wall was the same as one of her high school classmates.  She wondered if it could be the same, tall, handsome dark haired boy she remembered having a crush on almost 50 years ago. However as soon as she saw this balding, grey haired man with the deeply lined face, she quickly discarded any such thought.  Still, once he started placing the sutures, she asked him if he had attended BGHS.  "Yeah, yeah, I was a Bobcat", he said.  Then she tells it this way.  When I said,  "You were in my Class!", this ugly, old, bald, wrinkled, fat, decrepit SOB looks at me carefully and says, "WHAT DID YOU TEACH?"